Graduation Caps



Listed below is availability for grad cap orders according to delivery date:

March 2020 - CLOSED (fully booked)

April 2020 - CLOSED (fully booked)

May 2020 - CLOSED (fully booked)

June 2020 - OPEN 

July 2020 - OPEN

August 2020 - Opens May 1st (subject to change)

September - December 2020 - Not available. Check back later. 

*** Any changes in availability will be updated on this page. If you send a message inquiring about a date that is closed, or a date that is not open yet, you will not receive a response. Most relevant questions are answered below. Feel free to review even if your graduation time is not open yet! 


Frequently asked questions are answered below. Direct any further questions to 

Thanks so much for your interest in a customized grad cap design from BriaPaints. To be considered for a grad cap spot, email me at with a brief description of what you want on your cap and the date you would like to receive it by. 

Example format for description: “I want an image of ______ with a quote that says __________________. The date I need it by is _______”

If your idea is selected, I will send you an order form to fill out. If your idea is not selected this doesn’t mean it isn’t great! There are many amazing artists who can bring your vision to life if I can’t do it.


When choosing a grad cap design, I select concepts that I feel will best showcase my skills, and that are different from previous designs I’ve done, and seen. Here are some ways to strengthen your chances of me choosing your design! 💕

Originality - I ONLY choose designs I haven’t seen before. You can be inspired by another work but your overall design cannot be a copy of or very similar to another cap. 

( I have seen almost every grad cap on the internet. I will know if you’re trying to pass off another artist’s work as your own idea. Please submit an original design so I can provide you with a one-of-a-kind creation! ❤️ )

Simplicity - Ideas that contain many small details that will be difficult for me to place in the design space will generally not be selected. 

Pop Culture References - I am very drawn to ideas that play on your favorite music, movies, books and current events. However, I accept plenty of personal designs as well, as long as they are creative and align with my style of art.


How much is custom grad cap art?

Custom grad cap art is $250. (Price is subject to change over time)

Shipping fees, taxes and any other fees are all included in this flat-rate price. You are only required to pay 50% up front, as long as you book more than 1 month in advance.

For orders needed in less than a month (rush orders), the full amount is due up front, if there is any availability.

BriaPaints takes no shortcuts. All designs are 100% hand-drawn, hand painted, hand-glittered, and sealed for a high-quality, head-turning design that will last for a lifetime. All designs are also 3-dimensional, and have a space for your tassel.

Are you accepting grad cap orders right now?

I’m accepting orders for designs for the dates mentioned above. You do not need to be graduating during this time to get a cap made, if you know what you want and just want to purchase a design early, you are welcome to! 

Once a particular month is closed, it is closed. If there are any changes in availability it will be reflected at the top of this page. I will not be able to “squeeze one more in” for a month that is listed as closed. 

I saw a cap on your page/someone else's page that I like. Can you make it for me?

I do not duplicate my own designs or anyone else's. If you do not have an original design idea, please seek out another artist. 

Do you need my cap?

No. I make toppers that you attach to your hat so I do not need the cap. There is a hole in the middle of the topper that you will be able to access for your tassel. 

How do I order?

Email with a brief overview of your idea. If I select your design, I will send you an email, usually within 24 hours to officially begin the order process.

How long does it take?/ Turnaround time?

Orders are completed in the order they are needed by, not in the order it is received. I will ask you what day you need it by and I will have it complete and sent out to arrive to you at some point before that day. 

How soon should I order?

The best time to order is as soon as I open. Spots generally fill up quickly. Check back at the top of this page for updates on availability and dates.

Do you ship?

I ship anywhere in the United States. I do not ship worldwide.

I don’t know what I want, can you freestyle something for me?

I do not do freestyle requests. While I occasionally post freestyled designs to my instagram, they are sold after I create them, first come first serve. If you want to place an order, you must know EXACTLY what you want. I recommend to get friends and family to help you brainstorm a design unique to you!