Custom painting commissions are open with limited availability.

May 2020 - CLOSED (fully booked)

June 2020 - OPEN (almost full)

July 2020 - OPEN 

August 2020 - OPEN

Thank you for your interest in a custom piece from Bria Paints. To order a custom canvas, please email with an idea of what you want and the date you need it by. I do not accept all commission requests. Make sure what you’re looking for compliments my style of art! 💕

If you’re interested in a portrait, you must be able to provide at least 1 high quality reference photo or I cannot accept the order (no Snapchat photos or low resolution photos).

All orders will require a 50% non-refundable deposit. You can pay the rest after completion of the artwork, and before shipping. 

You must book a MINIMUM of one month in advance for custom work. No rush orders.


Pricing for canvas art includes shipping. The estimates below are for standard size canvases, with an average amount of detail, like single-person portraits, and simple landscapes. You may also request a size other than what is mentioned. Once you contact me about your project, I can provide a more specific price. You can also give me a budget and I'd be happy to let you know what I can do for your budget! 

Estimated Prices (Including shipping. Subject to change over time)

Small Canvas

16” x 20” - $300 (realistic) | $150 (abstract) 

18” x 24” -  $350 (realistic) | $175 (abstract) 

24 x 24” -$450 (realistic) | $225 (abstract) 

20 x 30” - $470 (realistic) | $235 (abstract)

Large Canvas (Shipping not included in these prices. Expect shipping on large pieces to be an additional $50 - $100. If you are in the Houston area, you are welcome to pickup your large canvas piece instead of shipping.)

24” x 36” - $600 (realistic) | $300 (abstract)

36” x 36” - $900 (realistic) | $450 (abstract)

36” x 48” - $1200 (realistic) | $600 (abstract)

* For realistic portraits, you will be charged $50 - $100 per additional face over 2