Bria Nicole is a visual artist and illustrator of modern lifestyle imagery. She is inspired by the world around her and illustrates nature, portraits, figures, food, and travels with a bold color palette of mostly earth/clay tones and pastels.

Her work contains some classic bohemian and Afro-bohemian elements, with gold and metallic accents to elevate her designs for stylish living spaces. Supporters have even dubbed her style, “bougie boho”.

As a Black female artist, she has always focused on representing women of color in her creations the way she looks to be represented in art; with vibrant color, style, grace and joy.

She is inspired by fine art and design styles from all over the world and her favorite place to look for inspiration is in Marrakech and Scandinavian design styles. Additionally, she immerses herself in the world of interior design, photography and fashion which collectively influence her creations.